North West Leicestershire Voices

We commissioned four makers to create exhibits inspired by the oral history recordings. We selected submissions that were as varied as possible, in a range of media, from creators with very different ideas for exhibits that could be displayed in quite distinct settings, from empty shops to libraries and community spaces. Each exhibit incorporates a selection from the audio recordings in some way. The aim is to provide interesting ways for people to encounter the oral history material.

Emily Tracey

Emily Tracy:

Speaking Volumes

Emily Tracey is a London based artist who has made site specific, socially engaged projects inspired by place, history and communities since 1994. ‘Speaking Volumes’ is a book art installation, consisting of two sculptural stacks of books, with added inserts and images. They are entitled ‘Me Automatic’ and ‘Mondays’ and are inspired by the descriptions of women’s working lives in the recordings.

Leigh Barton

Leigh Barton:

From Our Street

Leigh Barton is a decorative sign painter and artist, who’s work is influenced by traditional sign painters and graphic designers, and incorporates themes from popular culture. 'From Our Street' consists of a number of signs and decorated objects inspired by phrases and stories from the oral histories, including display bottles from shop windows, and a gravedigger’s spade.

Marytn Hay

Martyn Hey:

Glimpses of a Bygone Era

Martyn Hey is a designer and art director. ‘Glimpses of a Bygone Era’ comprises a kiosk that plays a rolling series of videos based on the oral histories. Martyn created ten short films with soundtracks drawn from the Mantle Arts recordings and imagery that helps to bring the stories to life.

Rachel Grevatte

Rachel Grevatte:

All in a Day’s Work

Rachel Grevatte is a qualified teacher. Her company Grevatte and Co works with museums and galleries to bring their collections and sites to life in informative, creative and fun ways. ‘All in a Day’s Work’ is a cabinet of curiosities, consisting of a number of drawers filled with objects that relate to the recordings, and reflect aspects of life in the past.

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