North West Leicestershire Voices

Multimedia, recordings and resources

Here you’ll find all the media generated by the project, including the original audio recordings, videos, photos, educational material, podcast episodes, and press cuttings.
Original Audio Recordings

Original Audio recordings

Oral history tapes from the 1980s

The complete, unedited recordings of local people made on tape by Mantle Arts in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Digitised from the original cassettes and cleaned up.



Kiosk Exhibit Movies

Ten short films created by Martyn Hey for his video kiosk exhibit ‘Glimpses of a Bygone Era’, with soundtracks drawn from ten of the oral history recordings.

Education Pack/Resources

Education Pack/Resources

Available to download

An education pack with selections from the audio along with visual images and historical material. Designed for primary schools. Can be used as stimulus for the local history element of the History National Curriculum.

Podcast Episodes

Podcast Episodes

Listen to the podcasts

Written by East Midlands writer Andy Barrett, and recorded with a community cast from N.W. Leicestershire. Each episode focuses on a different area of history mentioned in the original recordings.

Project Images

Project images

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Photographs and visual images created during various elements of the project.



See our press coverage

Clips and press cuttings about the project.

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